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Uncategorized Nov 18, 2019
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Welcome back to the Balanced Body Blog! I'm Corin Groustra, Holistic Health & Behavior Change Coach, Podscaster and Course Creator on a mission to make living a healthy lifestyle less complicated and more enjoyable! Woo that's a mouthful.
I get messages from some of you guys asking where to start. Saying you're ready to take action but you have absolutely zero clue what that looks like and that you're feeling overwhelmed! Being that this is a crazy busy time of the year I want to make three notes before we dig in:
1. Don't wait until the new year just because it's less hectic
2. You need to have grace with yourself. Things don't get fixed overnight. This will take time, (lots of time) and you will fall out of your new routines every now and again. This is part of the process.
3. Give yourself a realistic amount of time to accomplish each thing, and then add 6 months. We ALWAYS overestimate our abilities and set ourselves up for huge disappointment when inevitably, it takes longer than we anticipate.
Ok now that we've gotten those quick points out of the way, let's dig in!

There are really only a handful of things that are a priority in your health. These are the big stones that impact everything else. Click here for a visual on the tiers of health you can save and refer back to when it's time to tackle something new!

They can be separated into two tiers:

Focus on these first.

- Health concerns
Any health issues or concerns should be addressed right away with a trained professional

- Sleep
7-8 hours of quality sleep

- Stress
Managing your stress well and eliminating or reducing significant triggers for stress

- Movement
Aiming for 150 minutes/week to start, then over time working up to 250 minutes/week

- Food quantity *
Overall intake according to your goals (deficit for weight loss, surplus for weight gain, neither for weight maintenance)


Focus on these next.

- Food quality*
Fruits, veggies, grains, beans, legumes, proteins, and healthy fats make up a majority of your food intake.

- Relationships
You have several close relationships and you feel you can be authentic in those relationships.

- Fulfilling career
This does not need to be your passion. You at minimum feel content with what you do. If it stresses you out or you hate what you're doing, it's time to make changes.

- Meal timing
You understand when you feel best eating and when your largest/smallest meals should be based on your own individual self. You know when to start eating during the day and when to stop so you are properly fueled during the day and sleep well at night.

- Macro breakdown
You understand which macronutrient breakdown you feel best adhering to (carbs, fats & proteins) and is most sustainable for you. Note: this can be very general - I feel better when I include carbs into my day, or I feel extremely satisfied when I have higher fats and lower carbs. In general, protein should stay moderate-high but as you raise carbs you should lower fats and vice versa.


*if your goal is weight loss, food quantity goes first. If your goal is general health before weight loss, food quality comes first.

- If a second tier category is negatively impacting a first tier category, it becomes a first tier category. i.e. a career you hate has your stress through the roof, that should be addressed with the first tier topics (since that is the root cause).

- everything that does not fall into a first or second tier category comes after the second tier category items have been mastered.




Where you start with your health journey is completely dictated by where you are now.

STEP 1: Look at tier 1 and identify your strong areas and where you struggle.
Rate each category on a scale of 1-5 with regards to how well you've been doing in that area.
1 = big struggle, 5 = not a struggle at all

- health concern (5)
- sleep (3)
- stress (4)
- movement (2)
- food quantity (1)

STEP 2: Of the low numbers (4 or less), rank them in order of difficulty for you to change.

- movement (2)
- sleep (3)
- stress (4)
- food quantity (1)

STEP 3: Create a REALISTIC goal for the first item on your list and take action!

STEP 4: When you feel comfortable, repeat as you go down the list.

STEP 5: When your first tier struggles are resolved, repeat for second tier.



It's not going to be easy, and it's not going to be quick. But if you focus exclusively on these things and set goals that are realistic, you will get there and be able to sustain it. You've got this!


xo, Corin Groustra






Click here for a visual on the tiers of health you can save and refer back to when it's time to tackle something new!




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