How to meal prep like a pro [Episode 36]

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2019
Welcome back to the Balanced Body Blog! I'm Corin Groustra - holistic health coach, podcaster and blogger helping you live a life you love!
A healthy lifestyle can take so much work sometimes, and feel like such a series of tough decisions. The best way to take some of the legwork and tough decisions out of the equation is to plan ahead. The more you plan ahead, the better off you will be. I always use the example of my four year old brain to my adult brain - my adult brain is the brain that makes good choices and thinks logically. If I make a choice ahead of time, I do it with my adult brain. If I leave things up to my "in the moment" self (my four year old self) I almost always make poor choices. My four year old self loves sugar, naps and to play all day when I really should be working. For example, today my four year old self grabbed a donut cookie (literally just a normal cookie shaped and frosted like a donut) before thinking and I have a raging headache now. My adult self would say, "no thanks, sugary sweets makes me feel like junk", but here we are. And so, we prep so our adult brain can make the wise choices. It's honestly better for everyone involved.
With prepping comes the huge topic of meal prepping. The more you can do in advance, the smoother your week is. But knowing that doesn't usually take away the overwhelm people feel when it comes to meal prep. Let's break down the different styles and strategies for meal prep, so you can prep like a pro!
How to Meal Prep Like a Pro
  1. Figure out what your week looks like! How many days are you gone? How many days are you home?
  2. Of the days you're home, how many days are you going to make new meals?
  3. Decide what you'd like for meals!
  4. Make your list, taking into account the amount of servings for each meal - i.e. a meal for two dinners for two people is 4 servings, and lunch options for each day for two people is 10 servings (1 each work day for 5 days)
  5. Figure out what you already have!
  6. Order your groceries online! Your time is so valuable, unless you LOVE grocery shopping or feel like you can do it quick and it's worth it, consider outsourcing it!
  7. Decide how you want to prep: all at once or a little upfront and a little each day. All at once: prep everything! Batch cook your protein, veggies, grains, and anything else you need. Cut everything up, put it into Tupperware for work and easy snacking. A little upfront and a little each day: Figure out what you can prep ahead of time. Breakfasts, lunches or snacks are usually easy to do ahead of time. Then, think ahead for what you can do to make things easier during the week - cut up veggies, pre-mix marinades or group things together in your fridge to make it easier to grab and go while you're busy during the week!
  8. Don't forget to pack and take your food! :)
  • Create a Pinterest board for recipe ideas and one for recipes you use and love! This way, you don't have to spend time trying to get creative and think of recipes, you can use ones you know you already love and choose from the ones that are in front of you! :)
  • If things aren't going well and you're getting stuck on any of the steps, figure out why you're getting stuck and brainstorm with a friend
  • Don't overcomplicate it - keep it simple!
Do you have anything to add to this list? Email me at balancedbodyhealthco@gmail.com, comment below or send me a message on instagram @thebalancedbody_
Happy Prepping!
xo, Corin Groustra


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