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How to deal with Thanksgiving leftovers [Episode 53]

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2019
Thanksgiving is here and that means copious amounts of food. We alllll know that translates into a week's worth of Thanksgiving meals, and most people I've talked to are not excited about that. 

How to deal with Thanksgiving leftovers:


1. Only take what you will be happy you took. Don’t take anything you don’t actually want around the house.
2. Decide on, shop for, and prepare for what your meals will look like the next day and when you're going to get your workout in. The sooner you can get back to a normal pattern, the better :) 

If you have family who is pushy, there are a few ideas, so use what works in your own life:

1. Stand firm in your boundaries. If there are not immense feelings at stake, stand firm in your boundaries. No thank you means no thank you. They will see you are serious when you leave without the food.
2. If there are serious feelings at stake and someone will be personally offended by your not taking leftovers:
  • Take them and toss them at home. You are not a human trash can.
  • Freeze the things you don’t want around and on the counter, etc.
  • Toss part of the leftovers you don’t want around (I.e. keep the turkey and potatoes. Toss the pie and stuffing)
  • Donate them. I would imagine many food shelves or someone on the street would LOVE a plate of homemade food. Use that to make someone’s day - heat it up and bring it to the first homeless person you see.

If you are hosting:

1. Respect other's no's 
2. Donate the food or toss it
3. Try to be realistic about how many servings you really need. Do you need to have 6 different kinds of pie or would you all be just as happy with two? My family of 12 had EIGHT pies last year. There was one slice gone from all of them. Be realistic, and take less food to begin with :) 

ENJOY YOURSELF. Take away some of the drama and just be in the moment. Relax and remember it's one day :) 




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