What a balanced holiday looks like [Episode 55]

Uncategorized Dec 23, 2019
What does a balanced holiday actually look like?
I talk so much about balance over the holidays, I think it's time I share my own balanced holiday experience from Thanksgiving!
This year, we had two Thanksgivings and the option for twice the food. We traveled 2.5 hours to get to our Thanksgivings, so we didn't just come home afterwards. Here's what my Thursday/Friday looked like:
Up early to teach a Pure Barre Intensive. I planned to workout, but by the time I got home, ready and packed it was time to leave, so no workout. Sat in the car for a few hours. Grabbed some yogurt and protein muffins right before we left then hopped in the car and hit the road! I was pretty hungry when we got to our first Thanksgiving, so I took a lot of turkey, put a moderate amount of mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries and roll in front of me. After my meal I was thinking about the wine I brought, so I poured a glass of wine. When it was time for pie (I love pie) I wasn't hungry and actually didn't care about it right then.I planned to go back to it later if/when I was craving it/feeling more ready for it. I poured a second glass of wine but realized once it was gone it wasn't worth it - I had a major headache!
We went to our second Thanksgiving and I wasn't hungry at all so I sat and visited! The same food was available the second Thanksgiving but I wasn't hungry. I still didn't want the pie, so I didn't take it - even though I love pie.
We went out to Bentleyville (if you're not familiar, it's a Duluth MN tour of lights. It's so fun!) and had hot chocolate, one cookie, one s'mores and a bag of popcorn with my family! I was getting hungry and it was fun to all make s'mores together and walk around with our hot chocolates! In true Corin fashion I spilled my hot chocolate all over my white gloves 🙃
We went back to my Aunt's and stayed up playing games for a little while and I had a few crackers and dip, but no more wine because of how it made my head hurt earlier.
The next day, we had waffles she made for us, and we actually stopped on the way back home for McDonald's. We go there about once a year, if that, and it was definitely not worth it! I ordered some chicken strips and fries, which I didn't finish because they weren't great. I did finish the fries though because yum. We got home and because we were out of town, our fridge wasn't prepared for when we got home. We went out to dinner with my in laws and I got a cider and a giant salad with grilled chicken. It was delicious and I chose it not because of the calories or fat content, but because I had been low on veggies in the last few days and knew that would not only help me to get in my veggies, but it would also help me feel my best! Since then, I just got back into my normal routine!
👉 What I didn't do:
- Punish myself for my choices
- "Save up" for my Thanksgiving meal
- Exercise for hours
- Overthink things
- Feel deprived
- Count calories
- Base my choices off someone else
- Base my worth off my food choices
👉 What I DID do:
- Enjoyed my time
- Ate the foods I wanted, in the quantities that were worth it
Is it helpful to see what a balanced holiday CAN look like?
Take a few minutes and let's do some self-coaching. Ask yourself the following questions and *actually* take some time :
What went well from your Thanksgiving or last holiday experience?
What emotions did you have as you left the party/event?
What about the next day?
If these emotions and feelings were positive, how can you replicate that experience for the next holiday?
If they were not, what will you do differently, both ahead of time and at the event, to get a different outcome?
Who can hold you accountable to that?

Don't forget to use your worth evaluation and your daily planner to help you make choices you'll be happy with later!

Happy Holiday-ing :) 
xo, Corin


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