How to deal with Thanksgiving leftovers [Episode 53]

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2019
Thanksgiving is here and that means copious amounts of food. We alllll know that translates into a week's worth of Thanksgiving meals, and most people I've talked to are not excited about that. 

How to deal with Thanksgiving leftovers:


1. Only take what you will be happy you took. Don’t take anything you don’t actually want around the house.
2. Decide on, shop for, and prepare for what your meals will look like the next day and when you're going to get your workout in. The sooner you can get back to a normal pattern, the better :) 

If you have family who is pushy, there are a few ideas, so use what works in your own life:

1. Stand firm in your boundaries. If there are not immense feelings at stake, stand firm in your boundaries. No thank you means no thank you. They will see you are serious when you leave without the food.
2. If there are serious feelings at stake and someone will be personally offended by your not taking...
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Not sure where to start? Start here... [Epsiode 52]

Uncategorized Nov 18, 2019
[Scroll to the end for show notes]
Welcome back to the Balanced Body Blog! I'm Corin Groustra, Holistic Health & Behavior Change Coach, Podscaster and Course Creator on a mission to make living a healthy lifestyle less complicated and more enjoyable! Woo that's a mouthful.
I get messages from some of you guys asking where to start. Saying you're ready to take action but you have absolutely zero clue what that looks like and that you're feeling overwhelmed! Being that this is a crazy busy time of the year I want to make three notes before we dig in:
1. Don't wait until the new year just because it's less hectic
2. You need to have grace with yourself. Things don't get fixed overnight. This will take time, (lots of time) and you will fall out of your new routines every now and again. This is part of the process.
3. Give yourself a realistic amount of time to accomplish each thing, and then add 6 months. We ALWAYS overestimate our...
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THIS holiday strategy makes success almost impossible [Episode 51]

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2019
[show notes at the end]
Welcome back to the Balanced Body Blog! I'm Corin Groustra, Holistic Health & Behavior Change Coach, Podscaster and Course Creator on a mission to make living a healthy lifestyle less complicated and more enjoyable! They say balance isn't possible, but I call a HARD BS on that one!
If you're new here, I believe in my bones not only does balance exist but it's the only way to maintain a life we enjoy that also makes us healthier. Remember that you can't shove 100 things into a day and call it "balance". True balance is a give and take. It involves seasons where some things take priority and others where those same things are less important.
Keeping that all in mind, the holidays are here! And that can make it one bajillion times more difficult to find your balance, especially if this is something you struggle with anyways.
I was just talking to some clients this past week about the holidays and how they handle indulgences and an...
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What it really takes to master intuitive eating [Episode 6]

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2018
Today’s topic is all about intuitive eating and what it actually takes to get there. There's a path to intuitive eating, because it requires a good relationship with food, yourself, and tuning into your body and what it's telling you. If we were there, we'd probably already be eating intuitively, so today let's look at where you're at and how to get where you want to be.
First, I want to take a minute and have you visualize your long-term goal with nutrition. a. Do you desire to count, track, or keep a record of what’s going in? b. Do you want to constantly think about what you can/can’t have and what’s good or bad? c. Do you want to be free from worrying about everything that goes in and if it’s according to “plan”?
Most of us would like to get to  place where we’re not so worried about our food and can spend all that mental energy on things that actually add to our life. Think about all the things...
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