Can the extremes actually work?

Oh, extremes. The human condition is that we take things from one extreme to another, regardless of consequences. I’ve found through my interest in balance, that it applies in Every. Single. Area. Of life. Life is not black and white, it is gray. And when things are gray there are exceptions to the rigid rules and times when the rules of whatever extreme don’t apply, or shouldn’t apply.

Everyone has their camp and believes their way is right, and if you’re pretty set on something like that - today my goal is to challenge you on it. There are always people that are going to take things to the extreme regardless of anyone else. If that’s you, I encourage you to be aware of it.

Heres the deal: when it comes to health and wellness, there isn’t just one way. This means no one is always right.

To illustrate this, think of modes of transportation. Imagine you’re trying to go from Minnesota to Chicago. You could take a 45 minute flight, an 8 hour drive, or a 10 hour bus ride. They all have benefits and drawbacks, but one method isn’t the best over anything.

FLYING: Flying will get you there quickest, but it’s most expensive and some people hate flying so for them it would not be a good option.

DRIVING: driving is going to take forever and will cost a decent amount if you’re alone or with one other person. You also may have to stop overnight, but if you’re someone who loves a good road trip this is your most likely option.

BUS: by far the cheapest option and you don’t have to drive at all. You can get up and walk around, sleep, eat, and regardless of what you do you still end up in Chicago 10 hours later. Some would cringe at the idea of spending 10 hours on a bus with strangers.

MY POINT: you still end up in Chicago. It comes down to personal preference and enjoyment.

YOU GUYS. THIS IS THE SAME FOR HEALTH AND WELLNESS. If you love intermittent fasting, or eating raw vegan, or eating according to macros or carb cycling, you’ve found what works for you! Congrats! But that does NOT mean it’s the way. It does NOT mean you now push this to everyone you know and make them uncomfortable. It means you get to enjoy that you've found your way. And if someone asks you get to share that. But let’s be clear: someone who tracks macros and carb cycles can be just as healthy as an intuitive eater with less than 100g protein each day.

There are basics: eat your veggies, drink your water, don’t let everything you eat come from a lab, get some sleep and be nice to people. The rest is just personal preference. It’s ok to have different ideas on how to get there, it doesn’t make you or anyone else less because you’re not choosing to do it a certain way.

ANOTHER THING TO KEEP IN MIND: everything you hear/see is biased. Don’t watch a documentary thinking they’re going to adequately show both sides. Documentaries are meant to compel you to take action on whatever cause they believe in. Not bad, but not unbiased. It’s like walking into lululemon and asking them which activewear brand is best. They’re going to sell you because you’ve gone to them and asked the question. They are not unbiased.

In the same way, what you hear in the media is biased and even research is often done by a company that stands to benefit from certain findings. This is the world we live in, but understanding these key points does two things:

1. Helps you to understand you can’t believe everything you read, watch, or hear.

2. The truth is always somewhere in the middle.

if you're heavily biased towards one eating style, training style, etc. I challenge you to get outside your comfort zone and listen to some other opinions. Do some research and see what you can dig up. Challenge your acceptance of opinion as fact and allow yourself to have an open mind to other ways of doing things. You don’t have to change, but you will become a more tolerant person and quickly realize there isn’t one singular way.


xo, Corin Groustra

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