Just eat the cupcake already!

Hi babe!! I mentioned in an earlier blog post that there should be no off-limits foods in your life. You are an adult with money, transportation and the will to get whatever you want to eat at any given moment. Food restrictions on what you can/can’t have create problems and deepen the unhealthy relationships with food. It continues the cycle we are so desperately trying to get away from.

If you have foods that are concerning to add back into your life as an option (i.e. bread, sweets, cheese, etc.) examine these relationships and where they come from (you’ll probably be surprised at how deep these food associations go). Often times these are linked to strong emotional associations learned a long time ago. If you ever want to bring things full circle and allow yourself freedom with food, you’ll have to deal with these things sooner or later and sooner, as uncomfortable as it is, is usually better.

So now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about why we’re really here - I mentioned cupcakes ;) Although it’s important to eat both healthy food (most often) and less healthy food (less often), the healthier we eat overall, typically the better off we’ll be.


Cheap “healthier” alternatives vs. the real thing

How do I choose between the two? GOOD NEWS: it’s actually really simple.

If the substitute for the cupcake is a mini cupcake, macaron, or even a bowl of fruit with whipped cream and you feel so satisfied you don’t even think about the cupcake in all it’s frosted goodness, SKIP THE CUPCAKE.

If the substitute for the cupcake is a gluten free version that just doesn’t taste that great to you and leaves you feeling sad and hungry, it’s not worth it. EAT THE REAL CUPCAKE.

• Because I can’t help myself I have to mention that GF is in most cases not healthier, so it’s not a great argument for missing out on the real thing in the first place •

When you decide to indulge, check in with yourself after each bite and ask if you are satisfied with what you’ve had so far. If not, have another bite and check again until satisfied. If this sounds too dramatic think back to the last time you had a donut or cupcake (or cheese!) and tell me how fast it was gone and how much of it you actually tasted. See why we are going to stop between bites and really savor our food? It allows you to be more satisfied on less, or at the least enjoy the food much more because you’re actually tasting it.

I challenge you to put this into practice this week and let me know your experience - one step closer to balance!

xo, Corin Groustra

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