Struggling to drink enough water? Read this.

We are officially in the middle of the summer and it's a hot one! No complaining for this Minnesota girl, keep it comin'! With the heat comes the intense need to stay hydrated, especially if you are working out (which I know you are girl, keep crushing those workouts!).

So today, we're sharing tips to stay hydrated in a healthy way, do's and don'ts, as well as foods to include in your quest to hydration!


  1. AGUA. I know you're probably really surprised to see water on the top of the list for ways to stay hydrated. I'm all about original thinking here! (Keep scrolling for ways to spice up your h20)

  2. Sparkling water! This is great if you are looking to kick the soda habit or want a little fizz in your life without the alcohol. (Hint: Hard sparkling waters are not sources of water. They are still alcohol. A girl can dream though, right?)

  3. Coconut water is great for post-workout and replaces electrolytes lost through intense workouts or a day in the sun! While regular water and sparkling water don't have calories, coconut water will, along with carbs. This is a perfect replacement for sports drinks which have as much sugar as a soda with no nutritional value you couldn't get from coconut water. I recommend drinking it cold!

  4. Teas are another source of hydration, as long as they have no added sugar or caffeine (sorry, sweet tea).

  5. Decaf coffee also makes the list for the fact that it's 99.9% water and very minimal caffeine! WIN.


Let's be real, water can get reallllly boring, especially if you're used to much sweeter or more exciting drinks.

  1. Add fruit and/or herbs! Mix and match to create the perfect beverage for your day!

  2. Watermelon, lime, lemon, strawberry, blueberry, orange, raspberry, blackberry,

  3. Ginger, mint, cucumber, basil, cilantro

  4. Here is a recipe from another blog for fruit infused ice cubes you can freeze and pop into your water on your way out the door! I'm all for making life easier!

  5. Add pure essential oils! You're getting the benefit of essential oils on your insides as well and just a drop (in a glass cup only) adds flavor and health benefits!


Not sure what to replace your sugary drinks with? Here's a few ideas:

  1. Sports drinks: Coconut water! There are plenty of varieties, just make sure to choose the unsweetened kinds.

  2. Soda: Sparkling water (flavored or unflavored). Some other options include kombucha (GT's Trilogy is my favorite, you can order a 12-pack here), zevia (soda flavors, basically sparkling water with stevia)

  3. Juices: whole fruit, or smoothies with extra liquid! If you are a juice person, have the whole fruit (i.e. orange juice), it retains the fiber and all natural elements that don't spike your blood sugar unnecessarily and fruit is delish. If you're a naked juice lover, or similar, opt for a smoothie with extra liquid, it will have a similar consistency and you get the full fruit; again retaining the fiber for all the benefits of having the actual fruit. BOOYA.


Liquids aren't the only ways to get and stay hydrated, just the ones to focus on first. Fruits and veggies add to your daily hydration AND help you treat your bod amazingly. God knew what he was doing because all the fruits and veggies that are so delicious and in season during our hottest months help us to fight the heat and stay nourished. So, whip up a giant green salad and slice up that watermelòn girl!


I typically recommend aiming for half your body weight (or goal weight if you've got a lot of weight to lose) in ounces. WORK UP TO THAT. As important as water is, it's not a life or death situation. Work your way up and enjoy yourself in the process, finding the things you like along the way. Add 8 ounces for each 30 minutes of exercise or sweaty time outside!


  1. Find a water bottle you LOVE. Here's one I can't live without. Try out some straws, clear water bottles, ice vs. no ice, etc. You may be surprised at how much more you drink when you simply add a straw, or it has a handle and seals completely so you can take it wherever you go!

  2. Carry it on you at all times. You can't drink water you don't have!

  3. Go big or go home! I carry a 32oz bottle on me all the time. This morning I spilled it all over my floor and realized just how much water 32oz is to clean up.

  4. Get water with your drinks at a restaurant so you have a chance to stay hydrated, and keep tabs on those just like you do with your wine!

I hope these tips and ideas have been helpful! Let me know your fave way to hydrate in the comments below. Happy sippin'!

xo, Corin Groustra

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