The RIGHT way to be healthy might surprise you!

Surprise - there isn’t one right way.

Health, fitness and beyond doesn’t have one right answer. It looks so different for every single person. What has worked so, so well for you and makes you feel your absolute best is not what will make someone else feel that way. Intermittent fasting, prolonged fasting, 1-3 meals/day, 5-6 meals/day, Keto, bulletproof coffee, it’s alllllll different and personal preference. NONE of them are the right way, and NONE of them are the wrong way.

And before you say “I want to look like her” let’s do a HARD STOP 🤚🏼 do you know what she has to give up to get her abs? Do you know what her relationship with food is like? Her daily intake of nutrients that our bodies need to feel their absolute best? All you see is how someone looks, and it has almost zeroooo relationship with their health. Abs are sometimes healthy, sometimes not. Being lean is sometimes healthy, sometimes dangerous for that specific person.


If people ASK for your opinion, give it. If not, don’t push your way of eating, training or philosophy about food on them. Literally SO much is confusing in the industry and all the research you can use to point to reasons to wait 2 hours before eating breakfast I can find the same amount of research to point to why eating within 30 minutes of waking is beneficial.

We are all trying to find our way on this journey, so let’s embrace what we find helpful and makes us healthier individually, and instead of being pushy about what works for us, be pushy that other people ALSO find what works for them.

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